Our school is a small village school which makes it easy for us to get to know our children and families well.  Every member of staff shares and takes responsibility for the care of the children.  We are able to develop a level of pastoral care which exceeds that of larger schools through shared knowledge about our pupils.

At Kensworth Primary School we cater for girls and boys from the age of 4 years through to 11 years (4+ to Year 6), with a maximum of 15 in each year group.  We are also able to take children from 2 and a half years into our Preschool known as Saplings.  This ensures a seamless transition from our Preschool through to when our children are ready for secondary school.

The current school roll is 77 (April 2017).     

The classes at Kensworth are arranged as follows:

  • Holly Class - 4+ &  Reception
  • Cherry Class - Year 1 and Year 2
  • Oak Class - Year 3 and Year 4
  • Hornbeam - Year 5 and 6

We have a dedicated team, who work incredibly hard to provide the very best education for all our children. 



Homework provokes different thoughts from different people.  We strive to find a good balance and will survey parents and children over time to ensure we respond appropriately to need.  The amount and type of homework set from school will vary according to the age and ability of the child.  Of course, there are some homework tasks, such as learning phonics, numbers, keywords, spellings and reading which should be completed on a regular basis; at least every other day.  Reading to, and with, children is essential to help develop vocabulary, comprehension, knowledge of stories and how they work as well as providing an opportunity to encourage a love of learning.  

In general, homework will be set on a Friday and should be returned to school the following Thursday.  It may cover a range of activities such as reading, researching, drawing, practising key number facts, consolidating learning from lessons or creative activities.  

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