• Lunchtime - All children can either purchase a hot meal or bring in a packed lunch. As we are a Healthy Eating school we ask you to ensure that your child has a healthy balanced lunch and drink. Information on free school meals (FSM) can be obtained fro the school office. 

    We use Hobbs (http://www.hobbsschoolcatering.co.uk/) to supply our school dinners.

    Fresh, seasonal food for growing children.
    We use only quality produce from suppliers to the restaurant trade . Our business was built upon producing quality food without compromise.

    Catering for everyones needs.
    Children in fourteen schools enjoy our food and nutritious choices given daily. We are working with the ‘School Food Trust’ to ensure that our menus comply with the government nutritional standards allowing young minds to flourish and achieve their potential. If any children have specific diets for cultural, religious or allergens please advise the school ensuring our catering provision is inclusive.

    View lunch Menus:  September 2018 Menu

  • Drinks - In addition to a drink for lunchtime (packed lunches) we also request that each child brings in a named plastic bottle of water to drink in class time, this should have a sports top. The under fives are provided with a carton of free milk each day. All other children are able to order milk at 17p per day. Parents will be able to order this at the end of each term ready for the new term.

  • Fruit - Every morning each child in 4+, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be given a piece of fresh fruit as part of the free School Fruit Scheme. 

  • Playtimes - The children are supervised in the playground by members of staff during the morning break and at lunchtimes by the mid-day supervisors. Our outside climbing apparatus is checked on an annual basis through the local authority. For safety reasons and to comply with the Local Authority recommendations, children are only allowed on the apparatus when supervised by a member of staff.  Please do not let your child play on the apparatus before or after school.  The playground markings and special playtime equipment encourage the children to play games. When the weather is fine the children are also able to play on the grass. Outside play for the Foundation Stage children is an important part of their planned curriculum and takes place every day.
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