Our days are always fun...see below for how we generally spend them..

9.00—children arrive and are welcomed into the classroom


Children select their name and stick it to our self-registration area and then engage in activities that are set up around the room. Then they are asked to come to the carpet area while we take the register and complete the daily timetable and calendar.

9.20—Rhyme Time

We use this time to; sing songs, talk about what we are going to be doing during the day, share stories or watch a short educational films.


We then split into phonics groups according to children’s age related phonics activities, games and songs.

10.00—Snack Time

Every day we offer a selection of fruit and vegetables for snack time in addition to a drink of milk and water. It is also a great time for children to sit down with their friends and talk about healthy food choices.

10.00-10.45 Free Play

Children are encouraged to engage in activities around the room and also work with adults when necessary.

10.45—Adult-led Task

Sometimes the adult-led task will be inclusive in the room, e.g. something laid on the table with an adult working alongside it all day. At other times, the focus task will be during this time and completed as a class.

11.15—Outside Play

Children then have an opportunity to play outside either in our outside area or in our big playground. 


12.00—1pm Lunch Club

Children then have an opportunity to eat lunch and then continue their play either in or outside 



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