A selection of pictures and quotes from our pre school.

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“I loved the preschool because it is fun and there is a sofa there which I have at home!” (J, aged 2.5 years old)

“I love playing outside in our area and the big playground! The see-saw is fun and I can play with all my friends, they are my best friends!” (M, aged 3.5 years old) 

“I like playing ducks! (Pretend playing). We do cooking like the gingerbread man at Christmas – he was yummy!" (K, aged 4 years old)

“We have snack and play time! They are the things I do. We have oranges, bananas, carrots, apples, pears for snack. They are so yummy! We can play lots of stuff; shapes, rockets and books and toys.” (A, aged 4 years old)

“You are very nice and you do the phonics (talking about Jodie, Danielle and Lesley and what we do in preschool).” (L, aged 2.5 years old)

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