At Kensworth our Mission Statement is simply....

To inspire children with a thirst for knowledge, confidence and independence through excellent teaching and our Christian ethos."


In achieving this mission statement we have defined a clear vision and core values for both our school and the children.  These are as follows

 Core Value 1 : Academic Excellence

We aim to develop a love of learning encouraging children to attain their highest potential

 Core Value 2 : Christian Ethos

We strive to continually develop confident, self motivated learners within a Christian environment.

 Core Value 3: Community Presence

Through our children, we take pride at being at the heart of the community, encouraging everyone to develop ‘espirit de corps’ and social responsibility.

 Core Value 4: High Performance School

Continual development and challenge of what we do and how we do it will ensure we will be the best we can in everything we do.


These core values will enable us to deliver the highest possible standard of education to our children. 




Headteacher Statement (2016)

Kensworth is a school we can be proud of. The school is a vibrant, positive place to be.

Our children become responsible citizens. They enjoy coming to school and are motivated by their successes. They are secure in the knowledge that this school welcomes their whole family and works with them as a team, with the welfare and education of each child being our focus.

Pupils throughout the school enjoy a more ‘creative curriculum’ and rise to the challenge of the more enquiry based learning.

Staff, Headteacher and governors have a positive, open minded approach to sharing good practice with other schools. The school community as a whole is working coherently together with a clear understanding of the school’s agreed vision statement and aims. Development and improvement is continuous and constantly strived for. 

We hold high expectations of achievement across all aspects of school life.

To provide high standards of teaching and learning for all pupils we will:

  • Work together to promote awareness of environmental issues taking advantage of the local surroundings, outdoor learning and visitors to enhance our curriculum.
  • Provide an inclusive environment which educates, develops and prepares all our pupils for life in multi-cultural Britain.
  • Encourage children’s own independence, self-esteem and natural curiosity.
  • Encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle through exercise, diet and well-being.
  • Recognise all children as individuals with their own rights and responsibilities.
  • Value and encourage parental partnerships with exchange of ideas and information.
  • Actively involve members of the local and wider community, valuing their positive contribution to the learning experience of all.
  • Ensure a confident start to the children’s school days, recognising and building on their previous knowledge and understanding.
  • Invest in the future by continually seeking opportunities to improve all aspects of school, through forward thinking and embracing change.
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