Hello and welcome to Kensworth CE Academy.  We hope that this will be the beginning of a long, happy and fruitful relationship between yourselves, your child/ren and our school.  Below please find information to help you become acquainted with the School Day.  

The Local Authority  (CBC) are  responsible  for the  admissions for the main school (Year R - Year 6). Please click Here to be taken to  the admissions page. 

Equality statement
We have carefully considered and analysed the impact of ourpolicies on equality and the possible implications for pupils with protected characteristics, as part of our commitment to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requirement to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.

School Organisation

The school day begins promptly at 8.55 a.m.  Prior to then all parents and carers are responsible for their children in the playground until they enter their classrooms at 8.55.  Whilst we welcome children walking, riding or cycling to school we would encourage them not to cycle around the playground whilst other children and parents are there as this could cause accidents to happen and may concern some of our younger children.  We also require children coming to school by bicycle, wear a cycle helmet for their own safety.  Please also be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any bicycle or scooter that is left at school.

If you have any day to day concerns or queries, teachers are available to speak to parents before school between 8.45 and 8.55 in the mornings.  If there is something which is concerning you and you think may require a longer time or more serious discussion you are welcome to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time with your child's class teacher or the Head teacher.  I would advise that most matters should go to the class teacher initially, but of course for anything more serious please do speak to Mrs Julie Fox (the Office Manager) to arrange an appointment with the Head teacher.  If you need to come into the school office at any time please use the main door by the office as walking through the classrooms can be disruptive to the children.  

We encourage children to develop both responsibility and their independence by coming into school on their own; particularly Years 1 to 5.  In general they are all able to take off their own coat and put things away in the correct places. Parents of our younger children in Holly Class may come into the classroom with them.

Please allow the children to come into school on their own, particularly Years 1 – 5. The space in the cloakrooms is limited and I am sure you would like to encourage your child to become more independent and responsible for their own belongings. They are all able to take off their own coat and put things away in the correct place. Parents of the new children in Holly Class may come into the classroom with them. 

School finishes at 3.30pm. If someone else is collecting your child please make sure that your child's teacher is given written confirmation.  If you are going to be held up, please inform the school office as it can be very distressing for children to be collected late.

Entrance to School

The staff car park should not be used for dropping off or collecting children at any point during the school day.  If you are arriving by car please park safely and considerately either along Clayhall Road or Common Road.  Please enter and leave school via the green gates. 

If you do have to come into the car park please ensure that you consider all children’s safety and close all the doors and gates when you leave. 

The children need to be at school on time (in class by 8.55am), as they miss important information about the day and also the opportunity to see their friends and settle into the class routines.  Late entry into school is disruptive for both themselves and the other pupils and is also recordable as an absence after register closes.  Our School Attendance Officer will make a note of children who are persistently late at the termly register check.  If for reasons beyond your control, your child is late you must bring them in via the main (office ) entrance and sign the 'late sheet' located in the school office.

If your child is ill and not able to be in school, please contact the school office by telephone or email before 9.10am. In cases of sickness or diarrhoea we ask you to keep them at home for 48 hours after the last bout (Local Authority Policy) before they should return to school.  For any cases of absence we do need a written reason for the absence when your child returns to school.  This enables us to assign the correct code and any absences that do not have a code are recorded as unauthorised and you may be contacted by the School Attendance Officer.   

If your contact or emergency details change, please ensure the school office is notified, as we may need to contact you quickly if your child is unwell or has an accident.

Holidays in Term Time
Headteachers are no longer able to grant any leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances.  


If your child is prescribed medicine from the Doctors and needs to take it during school hours, then you will need to come into school and complete an indemnity form (available from the school Office). Staff are only able to administer prescribed medicines from the Doctors (not cold remedies or Calpol).                       

School Uniform                                                                                                                                              

All children in classes from Reception to Year 6 are expected to wear school uniform.  The school office has a price list for our uniform and some items in stock.  

Click to view school uniform details

All children's school uniform should be named; if you use a marker pen, please check regularly that the name has not faded.  Children are expected to have appropriate outerwear for the weather, which again should be named.  In the winter months please ensure they have a coat, hat scarf, gloves and wellies as appropriate.  All the children spend part of the day outside and need to be suitably clothed.  Even with our summer weather we never know when showers are going to occur so children should still attend school with an appropriate light waterproof coat.   All full time children need their PE kits (named) in school at all times.  They will not be allowed to take part in PE lessons if they do not have the correct kit.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks
All children in Holly, Cherry, Oak and Hornbeam classes are given a piece of fruit as part of the Government's School Fruit Scheme.  The children may also bring in a healthy snack for playtime.  Crisps, sweets and chocolate biscuits are not allowed.  They may bring in a piece of fruit, vegetable  or a small sandwich.
The children are also able to have milk each day; it is free for the under-fives.  Once your child reaches the age of 5 you again can pay for them to continue to have the school milk as a healthy drink during the school day.  You will need to contact Cool Milk (http://www.coolmilk.com/) to register your child for free milk and paid milk.  If you need further information or help please contact the school office.  
The children should all have a named water bottle in the classroom.  These are available to purchase from the school office. They can be refilled in school from our filtered water dispensers but need to be taken home to be washed weekly.

Home Readers and Library books
Please make sure Home Readers are in school every day so that your child does not miss out on an opportunity to read to, or change their book with, a staff member on a daily basis.  Homework and library books should be returned to school each Thursday in order to be prepared, but definitely by Friday.  Children are encouraged to change their library books each Friday.  
If you have a query about your child's homework, please do not hesitate to come into school and see the class teacher who will be happy to explain it to you, but please don't leave it until the last minute.  Weekly homework is given to children each Friday in addition to the daily expectation that you will be hearing your child read on a daily basis and spellings or basic maths work is also given more regularly.  All children are expected to complete their homework each week and all children appreciate their parents help.

School Dinners                                                                                                                                            Our School dinner provider is Hobbs Catering with whom we have a good professional relationship and we have regular reviews and meetings.  They come into school to work with and alongside the children and help them learn about healthy meals and cooking.  Copies of the menus are available from the school office and current menu is added to our school website.  School meals are available each day and ordered in directly.  If you would like your child to have a cooked lunch please put the correct monies in a named envelope stating exactly which days your child requires a meal.  Children should bring in their dinner money which should be placed in the box outside the school office.  If you wish to pay in advance you may pay weekly, half termly or termly.  For more details please contact the school office.  The cost of the school meal is £2.00 per day.                                                                                               

Parentmail, an electronic mailing system is used for most correspondence to parents.  New parents need to ensure that you have shared your email details with School so that you do not miss any information sent out.  If you are unable to access this system please let the office know and we will ensure you get paper copies of all information.  With regard to regular communications please check your child's book bag each week as we are trying to work in collaboration with yourselves as parents/carers and we do send some information via the children's book bags.  Unfortunately, we do, in some instances, find certificates and letters that have been left in book bags for many weeks.  The children are proud of receiving school certificates and it seems a shame that their achievements are not also celebrated at home.   You may also find that you have missed important information concerning your child, so do please keep checking.

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