Policies are reviewed by the Governing body, HeadTeacher and staff to make sure they are up-to-date and relevant.   

Policy NameDocument NumberIssue  Date  Relevant committee
Admissions Policy KPS019  Mar-17 M&R
Anti-Bullying Policy KPS010  Dec-16 C&S
Attendance Policy KPS011  Feb-17 C&S
Charges, Remissions and Contributions Policy KPS020  Mar-17 Fin
Christian Ethos Policy KPS032  Dec-16 M&R
Collective Worship Policy KPS021  Mar-17 M&R
Complaints Policy KPS023  Jan-17 M&R
Curriculum Policy KPS031  Mar-17 C&S
Data Protection Procedures Policy KPS007  Dec-16 M&R
Dealing with Allegations against School Personnel, School Volunteers, the Headteacher or another Pupil Policy KPS002  Dec-16 M&R
Disability, Equality and Accessibility Plan for Pupils Policy KPS016  Jan-17 M&R
Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy KPS013  Dec-16 M&R
Educational Visits KPS034  Jan-17 C&S
Emergency Plan KPS030  Jan-17 M&R
E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy KPS015  Feb-17 M&R
Extended Schools and Community Cohesion Policy KPS022  Jan-17 M&R
Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy KPS006  Jan-17 M&R
Health and Safety Policy + appendx A and B
KPS 005  Jun-17 M&R
Home-School Agreement Policy KPS025  Feb-17 M&R
Medical Needs Policy KPS008  Jan-17 M&R
No Smoking Policy KPS027  Mar-17 M&R
Pay Policy KPS024   M&R
Performance Management Policy KPS018  Dec-16 M&R
Positive Handling (Restraint of Pupils) Policy KPS004  Dec-16 M&R
Pupil Behaviour and Discipline Policy
    - including (Behaviour Principles Written Statement)
KPS012  Jan-17 C&S
Recruitment Policy KPS001  Mar-17 M&R
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy KPS017  Jan-17 M&R
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation Policy KPS033  Dec-16 M&R
Sex and Relationships Policy KPS014  Jan-17 M&R
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy KPS028  Jan-17 M&R
Staff Code of Conduct KPS003  Jan-17 M&R
Transition Policy KPS029  Jun-17 M&R
Whistleblowing Policy KPS009  Dec-16 M&R
Staff Induction Policy KPS035  Jan-17 M&R
Travel Policy KPS036  Jun-17 M&R


The school has an up to date full set of policies.  Where there is not a link, the policy is available from the school office.

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